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I think everyone made it to the airport ok, I mean I think

Thanks Hong Kong. You are something else #kingsofkongtour

Complete brain breakdown on the horizon as I try to work out time zones.

Just got told to not ride our bikes by someone on a bike. #kingsofkongtour

No one rides bikes here, bikes are like the devil. Love this place but it seems bike culture has yet to begin.

Pizza night in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is amazing, spots are everywhere. Why hasn’t any team ever been here?

Sick turn out today for a little signing session with the #kingsofkongtour crew @ cavs store

Another day in the thunder dome #kingsofkongtour

Loosing on average 2kg per riding session. Today it will rise past 90 degrees.

Head to #CAVS shop tomorrow around 6pm and have a few beers with us

Blue beers is all I remember

Security has been frustrating. The last women was armless though. #kingsofkongtour

First day of #kingsofkongtour ! Lets cruise ☀

I would actually pay someone for a drop of fresh air right now.

Airports are great at first, then you realise they rot you from the inside #kingsofkongtour

Could really do with a type of food that’s not packaged or made of shite.

9 hour lay over in dubai. Basically sat at the gate waiting. Not as great as it seems.

Keep up to date with everything by visiting over the next 11 days. Imagine…

June 1st we will be at a welcome party in Hong Kong, free beer & pizza. Keep an eye on the site for more details.

A week today we shall be flying inside time and eating noodles in the city by the sea #kingsofkongtour

Just over 2 weeks to go till we hit up the #kingsofkongtour well be meeting, greeting and spot searching.

What’s Chinese for ‘fuck yeah’?